the backyard party @ hippie de bar, kaw san rd.

I’m invited as the main artist (interactive art installation) for Make Me Nuts “The Backyard Party#2”. I create a couple of interactive pieces for the event. (the bands include sqweez animal, the richman toy, superbaker)

The first piece called “The Flow”. I use a webcam to capture the participants’ shadows and manipulate them as a responsive wallpaper. The color values of the manipulated moving images also respond to the surrounded sounds of the event.

The second piece called “Follows”. I transform a projection screen as a big canvas. The participant can paint the colorful image by moving him/herself in front of the screen. The computer vision system tracks the center of movement and continuously draw the particle dots (the scale and color also respond to the existing environments such as environmental sounds, speed).

I also create the final interface for testing system of the interactive walkway for the Tiger Translate event in following month. The visual content on the screen responds passively to anyone who walks pass the invisible spot. For this version, I collect some keywords from the poster and randomly generate them to a new sentence.

Special thanks to: P’Shy, P’Burne, Hippie de Bar, MTV


About Nattapol Suphawong

Nattapol (Joe) Suphawong, Parsons 2006 MFADT (M.F.A. in Design and Technology) valedictorian, integrates knowledge derived from his study and experiences in New York for continue working on experimental interaction design projects in Thailand. Trained as an architect, interaction designer--specializing in computer vision and electronics; Nattapol's recent projects represent an evolution of his interests in interactive architecture, augmented reality, and physical computing as a means to create responsive/playful environments--the unique characteristics of HeadButt works. Nattapol is currently teaching at School of Architecture, Assumption University, Thailand.

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