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Torch Paint @ ploysaeng market day2

Torch paint is an interactive installation & performance–developed from Fanworks project (ploysaeng market day1) and Joe’s Laser Paint beta1 (powered by max/msp/jitter). This project transforms TCDC’s living wallpaper space to be a digital graffiti wall.

Thanks Evan Roth for the inspiration and the great talk at TCDC.

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Fanworks @ ploysaeng market day1

Fanworks is an interactive wallpaper designed for Ploysaeng Market event @ TCDC. The firework effect is controlled by the USB/LED fan (about $3 available at computer store)  and its location. User can move the fan around in order to play with the visual on the screen, write a word, paint the color onto the interactive wallpaper. The random color of the fan’s light also influence/trigger the power of the firework differently.

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interviewed by

Thanks for the interview (Thai version). Click here or the above image to link to their webpage.

Don’t Get Lost in Heaven

“Don’t Get Lost in Heaven” is an audiovisual performance by int2 studio (shy+joe) and kijjaz with special guest (Mint). This performance is a part of Bangkok Design Festival at Parc Paragon.

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Let’s Pray @ Ploy Saeng Festival

“Let’s Pray” is an interactive installation that is created to convey the message to the public space by allowing users to use a joystick as a mean to play with the lighting effects, which reveal the hidden messages.

The twelve inspiring messages were selected by the artist who has been reading the Bible since he was twelve years old.

This project is a collaboration work between Nattapol and Busanun Suphawong.

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int2 business card

“int2 studio” is an experimental interaction and interface design studio by Shy Pongstorn Limanon and Joe Nattapol Suphawong. After two artists have been working together for many projects, they decided to open a design company under the brand “int2 studio”.

This is the first version of company’s business card.

me on TV Thai PBS

Thank Thai PBS for the interview. Thank madHouse for a classroom.