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NYC trip Oct 09


My second NYC trip this year! I want to try my new camera and lenses :  )

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Max/MSP/Jitter Class?

Many people have contacted me about Max/MSP/Jitter course so I think I want to do a survey. If you want to take this class please leave a comment about your contact information in this page. Thanks!

BIG/BIH Design Forum


I build an interactive system for A.Ching (Winai Chairakpong, BUG Studio) installation at Design forum, BIG/BIH 2009. When users move their hand over the table or touch physical objects, they can see hand-written graphics over the real-time video feed. This project is built by max/msp/jitter.

Cheeze Interactive Wall





Cheeze interactive wall is another interactive projection screen (shadow detection) at the entrance hall of Cheeze 5th Anniversary (Street No Gravity). Cheeze Interactive Wall features various portrait images that have published in Cheeze fashion magazine throughout five years. The images will react when the participants making a move in front of the projected screen.

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