Archive | November 2010

B(T)rain at BACC

INT2 (Shy Limanont and I) installs  interactive art works at Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC) in “สมองแจ่ม” (Bright Brain) Exhibition during 24th Nov. – 26th Dec. We build a toy train installation that triggers light to create a billboard-liked shadow effect in the circle room at the entrance. In this installation, I use a very simple electronic knowledge (couple electronic wires to make a contact) to create an impressive/interactive/(un)predictable lighting effects. For Art’s sake, the train runs on the track which is located on the right side of the brian graphic, implying creativity and holistic thinking.

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Interactive features at BCC Inspiration Hall

In collaboration with BUG studio (concept and design), I build all interactive features for BCC (Bangkok Christian College) Inspiration Hall. There are 7 interactive pieces including; infographic on the touch screens,  boat controlling game on the multiple displays, Morse code learning software, digital guest book. This permanent exhibition is located on 12th floor of the John A Aekin building.

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Spirits Exhibition at TCDC

In collaboration with BUG studio, I build a interactive system in the first conceptual room for the “Spirits: Creativities from beyond” Exhibition at TCDC. Powered by Max/MSP, PIC micro controller and hacked light dimmer switch, I build a voice-activated lamp in the middle of the dark empty room. The concept comes from the idea that visitors would say something or even scream when they first visit this very dark room. The light and sound will respond to the visitors’ voice. If the visitors keep the light will get brighter and brighter until they can find the way out to the next exhibition hall which all about the ghost stories and its creativity.


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