Massexercise at WTF gallery



It’s time to exhibit the Massex participant’s works with with lecturers. Everyone is asked to design a A1-size poster for the exhibition.

Responding to the MASSEX’s Interactive Portrait workshop, I collect 100 images of human portraits with a face detect/tracking mark that generated by computer vision-based applications from nerds, researchers, and users all over the world over past 10 years (2002-2012). The collection is not only provide the typology of a guy with augmented face tracking interface but also hyperlinks that lead to the reference pages, source codes, information that may help you to develop your experimental face tracking project.




About Nattapol Suphawong

Nattapol (Joe) Suphawong, Parsons 2006 MFADT (M.F.A. in Design and Technology) valedictorian, integrates knowledge derived from his study and experiences in New York for continue working on experimental interaction design projects in Thailand. Trained as an architect, interaction designer--specializing in computer vision and electronics; Nattapol's recent projects represent an evolution of his interests in interactive architecture, augmented reality, and physical computing as a means to create responsive/playful environments--the unique characteristics of HeadButt works. Nattapol is currently teaching at School of Architecture, Assumption University, Thailand.

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