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Massexercise at WTF gallery



It’s time to exhibit the Massex participant’s works with with lecturers. Everyone is asked to design a A1-size poster for the exhibition.

Responding to the MASSEX’s Interactive Portrait workshop, I collect 100 images of human portraits with a face detect/tracking mark that generated by computer vision-based applications from nerds, researchers, and users all over the world over past 10 years (2002-2012). The collection is not only provide the typology of a guy with augmented face tracking interface but also hyperlinks that lead to the reference pages, source codes, information that may help you to develop your experimental face tracking project.

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“Always Prepare: Living with changes” Exhibition

Once again working with BUG studio, I build two flash applications for “Always Prepare: Living with changes” Exhibition at TCDC.

Thai silk fashion event for Queen at CentralWorld

I build 19 iPad applications for presenting information of Thai designers in this event. Thanks to B.U.G. Studio for this opportunity.

Interactive Features for Baan Hollanda

I build two interactive pieces for Baan Hollanda project (The museum–designed by B.U.G. Studio). The first piece is the Binoculars-liked installation that visitor can view the augmented reality of the buildings at the actual location. The visitor can also pan the camera from left to right that synchronize with the virtual image in real-time.

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Ichitan Museum (Tan Land)

I have another good time working with B.U.G. Studio for the Ichitan Museum (Tan Land–A Land of Balance, Green factory). The contents of this museum are about sustainable living, water, flood situation because this factory was damaged by the flood crisis last year.
In this project, I have learned how to build an iPad application that connect/trigger the physical kiosk (powered by Openframeworks, and Arduino), how to make an interactive ebook (powered by Baker Framework) and how to hack a cheap keypad for the interactive game.

Exhibition design:: B.U.G. Studio
Interactive Programming::: Joe /INT2 Studio

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Refresh your look

In collaboration with the Brand Union and Joe Nattapol Suphawong, ‘Refresh Your Look’ is an interactive installation for the Rejunivating Brands exhibition at the Ogilvy’s office, Central world. The screen will be active when the user stands in front of the camera. When the system is active, it will capture & record the user’s motion and interaction while re-generating a ramdom openGL graphic of his/her face (such as lines, polygonal shape, triangular shape) in real-time. The system will display the movie clip of the prior user when the user leaves the installation.

* Special Thanks to Mr. Thanit Thanapaisal for the collaboration and photo.

Interactive Features at Absolute Assumption Exhibition

Finally, Absolute Assumption Exhibition is launched. In this exhibition, I design and build all interactive features including the laser activated presentation in “collective living” room, barcode scanning in “consumer society” room, QR code hall, “digital city” prototype, and touchscreen system for “absolute diversity”.

01 Natural living

02. Collective Living

03 Consumer Society

04.1 QR code hall

04.2 Digital City Prototype

05 Absolute Diversity