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Ichitan Museum (Tan Land)

I have another good time working with B.U.G. Studio for the Ichitan Museum (Tan Land–A Land of Balance, Green factory). The contents of this museum are about sustainable living, water, flood situation because this factory was damaged by the flood crisis last year.
In this project, I have learned how to build an iPad application that connect/trigger the physical kiosk (powered by Openframeworks, and Arduino), how to make an interactive ebook (powered by Baker Framework) and how to hack a cheap keypad for the interactive game.

Exhibition design:: B.U.G. Studio
Interactive Programming::: Joe /INT2 Studio

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Interactive Features at Absolute Assumption Exhibition

Finally, Absolute Assumption Exhibition is launched. In this exhibition, I design and build all interactive features including the laser activated presentation in “collective living” room, barcode scanning in “consumer society” room, QR code hall, “digital city” prototype, and touchscreen system for “absolute diversity”.

01 Natural living

02. Collective Living

03 Consumer Society

04.1 QR code hall

04.2 Digital City Prototype

05 Absolute Diversity

Spirits Exhibition at TCDC

In collaboration with BUG studio, I build a interactive system in the first conceptual room for the “Spirits: Creativities from beyond” Exhibition at TCDC. Powered by Max/MSP, PIC micro controller and hacked light dimmer switch, I build a voice-activated lamp in the middle of the dark empty room. The concept comes from the idea that visitors would say something or even scream when they first visit this very dark room. The light and sound will respond to the visitors’ voice. If the visitors keep the light will get brighter and brighter until they can find the way out to the next exhibition hall which all about the ghost stories and its creativity.


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Interactive Feature for ANR Eye: Estee Lauder Promotion Counter

Collaboration with Theeprakorn Lunthomrattana (AAU |  Design), I design and build an interactive feature for Estee Lauder’s AUG- NOV Promotion Counter for Advanced Night Repair product where users can put product on a provided shelf and the visual will present the product’s specific information accordingly. The futher information will also change when the user rotates the product. This project is powered by TUIO protocol, reacTIVison and Flash.




Digiterior is a digital playground designed by Apostrophy’s in collaboration with Joe Nattapol Suphawong and A.Pop (Thammasat University). There are three zones in the digital-enhanced interior space including Bee-I-Floor, Discovery Wall, and Smile Mirror.

In this project, I’m a design/interactivity/technology consultant for Apostrophy’s and respond for Bee I Floor and Smile Mirror zone. Please see above posts for more details.

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Panasonic facade

panasonic facade

Finally, my biggest lighting project is installed. In collaboration with Apostrophy’s, Shy Limanon (int2), I design and program the controllable fluorescent lights for Panasonic facade at Central World. This project will be installed throughout the year (2008-2009).

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multiple translation (proposal)

I propose this design and experience of the multimedia party, ‘multiple translation’, for Tiger Translate party 2008. However, the client changes the plan from the original idea–making a party like in the past few years–to be an educational workshop for public (how nice!). Luckily, they still select me as a main artist for one of the workshops. More details about the workshop will be announced later !!

All images are produced by by Apostrophy’s.

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