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Interactive Visual and Lighting for Bruce Gaston’s FongNaam band at Kitaro Concert

First time working with a.Bruce Gaston, INT2 team are very happy with the result and expect to work more with a. Bruce and his great Thai’s band (Fong-Naam). In this concert, Shy Limanon rocks on his motion graphic & modul8, Joe Nattapol Suphawong rocks on his max/MSP patches and V4, Teddy & Chris rocks on midi and light! What’s a great team & collaborations!

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B(T)rain at BACC

INT2 (Shy Limanont and I) installs  interactive art works at Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC) in “สมองแจ่ม” (Bright Brain) Exhibition during 24th Nov. – 26th Dec. We build a toy train installation that triggers light to create a billboard-liked shadow effect in the circle room at the entrance. In this installation, I use a very simple electronic knowledge (couple electronic wires to make a contact) to create an impressive/interactive/(un)predictable lighting effects. For Art’s sake, the train runs on the track which is located on the right side of the brian graphic, implying creativity and holistic thinking.

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Spirits Exhibition at TCDC

In collaboration with BUG studio, I build a interactive system in the first conceptual room for the “Spirits: Creativities from beyond” Exhibition at TCDC. Powered by Max/MSP, PIC micro controller and hacked light dimmer switch, I build a voice-activated lamp in the middle of the dark empty room. The concept comes from the idea that visitors would say something or even scream when they first visit this very dark room. The light and sound will respond to the visitors’ voice. If the visitors keep the light will get brighter and brighter until they can find the way out to the next exhibition hall which all about the ghost stories and its creativity.


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Mercedes-Benz The new E-Class




PICO Thailand (Organizer) asks Int2 studio (Shy Limanon x Joe Nattapol Suphawong) to do multimedia for the Mercedes-Benz event at Central Chidlom. We implement two features including interactive LED wall at the entrance and car projection (3D mapping).

My part is writing a custom application that can control responsive visual graphic on a low-res LED screen. I do several methods including camera tacking by using cv.jit library and OSC for controlling visual from my iphone. The Max/MSP patch (source code) will be released soon.

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One-2-Call interactive wall demo


In collaboration with BUG studio, I’m working on an interactive light wall for One-2-Call at the Digital Gateway. The piece will be installed soon. Here is a screen shot of my demo built by Flash.

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Tiger Translate Finale 2009




I made a program and performed the Pyramid at the Tiger Translate Finale 2009 event with the winner of Multimedia workshop (Mr. Rom, my student) on the first set (Slot Machine’s performance) and Mr. Kijjaz (my special guest) on the second set (NYPC’s performance).

The Pyramid is a set of tri-color and white-color LED tubes on the structure that was designed and developed by Shy Limanon, P’Udomkarn (Power Bell Media), and Apostrophy’S.

More images and details will be coming soon…

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Let’s Pray @ Ploy Saeng Festival

“Let’s Pray” is an interactive installation that is created to convey the message to the public space by allowing users to use a joystick as a mean to play with the lighting effects, which reveal the hidden messages.

The twelve inspiring messages were selected by the artist who has been reading the Bible since he was twelve years old.

This project is a collaboration work between Nattapol and Busanun Suphawong.

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