Archive | February 2008

shy+joe talk at silpakorn university

My second talk at Silpakorn University. This time, as a team, I and P’Shy (Pongstorn Limanon) present our recent works to Master’s Degree students.


vaslab architecture website

I design a new website for vaslab architecture. check it out. God bless a.Vasu and his wife.

digitalized the party

Digitalized the Light is an interactive installaion designed for Plastictroops’s Digitalized the Party at Club 808, RCA on Feb. 16, 2008. Inspired by ASCII graphic and The Matrix movie, I create green texts on the openGL matrix that respond to the light and sound of the event. In the dark condition, the screen can be easily responding to mobile devices and/or any illuminational objects.

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passion skyline @ tiger translate 2007

Passion Skyline is an interactive installation for Tiger Translate Entrance hallway. The concept is to create a playful interactive hallway before entering the event. The computer vision system by custom application tracks the visitors’ shadow and triggers the visual on the wall accordingly. The various contents including; musical instruments, random numbers, welcome text, show’s schedule, equallizer, Tiger’s bottle timeline are randomly played due to the passenger’s traffic.

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my article on display egazine 10

My article about computer vision and experimental design is published on the display egazine issue 10 (hybrid theory).

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