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Chimney magazine


I’m on Chimney Magazine issue 24 check it out.

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Tiger Translate Finale 2009




I made a program and performed the Pyramid at the Tiger Translate Finale 2009 event with the winner of Multimedia workshop (Mr. Rom, my student) on the first set (Slot Machine’s performance) and Mr. Kijjaz (my special guest) on the second set (NYPC’s performance).

The Pyramid is a set of tri-color and white-color LED tubes on the structure that was designed and developed by Shy Limanon, P’Udomkarn (Power Bell Media), and Apostrophy’S.

More images and details will be coming soon…

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“Live” “Happily” “Together” “Forever”



“Live” “Happily” “Together” “Forever”  is a generative mosaic art for Yui & Tab’s wedding/art exhibition. Four mosaic images are programmatically generated by google image search’s results (“Live”, “Happily”, “Together”, Forever”) and Bride & Groom’s favorite images. The unpredictable search results create an interesting pattern for mosaic art in non-linear fashion.

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