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Scanning (to the surgery room) @ TCDC’s Perishable Beauty Exhibition




‘Scanning’ is an interactive system that scan/record human’s face and distribute eyes, nose, lip to 4 LCD screens in the surgery room at Perishable Beauty exhibition at TCDC.

This project is a collaboration work between B.U.G studio and Joe Nattapol Suphawong.

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Smile Mirror



Smile Mirror is a face detection-based project that allows users play with the their portrait and digiterior’s digital faces (provided by Apostophy’s). The captured images with the real-time manipulation also broadcast to the plasma screens on the digiterior facades.

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Bee I Floor


‘Bee I Floor’ is an interactive floor that responds to body’s movements. Bee I Floor uses a computer vision technique by max/msp/jitter to track the shadow on the floor and generates a responsive visual as an ambient lighting environment for the interior space.

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Digiterior is a digital playground designed by Apostrophy’s in collaboration with Joe Nattapol Suphawong and A.Pop (Thammasat University). There are three zones in the digital-enhanced interior space including Bee-I-Floor, Discovery Wall, and Smile Mirror.

In this project, I’m a design/interactivity/technology consultant for Apostrophy’s and respond for Bee I Floor and Smile Mirror zone. Please see above posts for more details.

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Tiger Snapper





Tiger Snapper is an interactive project that allows users in Tiger Beer Park and Tiger Gallery send the MMS images taken from the event to our mobile phone (int2) then manipulate and project them on the big LED screen. The selected images from the event’s artists including sqweez animal (12 nov.) , modern dog (20 nov.), apartment khun pa (24 nov.) will get the souvenir from Tiger beer.

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Experimental Legacy: an audiovisual performance at Tiger Translate event

After the workshop briefing and introduction, I perform my audiovisual project with the best experimental sound artists in Thailand including Koichi (so::on), Kijjaz (monotone), with special guests–adoralula and talkless (so::on). We also have Shy (int2) for the visual and Awattha (Porkaew) for the lighting design. Thank you everyone for coming !

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Jump v.2 ::: enjoy winning

Jump v.2 “enjoy winning” is a game-based installation designed for tiger translate’s workshop introduction event.The interface is inspired by super mario game that user(s) has to jump and hit the floating block in order to get the objects (in this case…tiger’s beer bottles..haha).

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