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Interactive Visual and Lighting for Bruce Gaston’s FongNaam band at Kitaro Concert

First time working with a.Bruce Gaston, INT2 team are very happy with the result and expect to work more with a. Bruce and his great Thai’s band (Fong-Naam). In this concert, Shy Limanon rocks on his motion graphic & modul8, Joe Nattapol Suphawong rocks on his max/MSP patches and V4, Teddy & Chris rocks on midi and light! What’s a great team & collaborations!

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TorchPaint.3 at Thai U.S. Creative Partnership event

Invited by Thai U.S. Creative Partnership, My interactive art “Torchpaint: a Max/MSP-based Digital Graffiti” is installed at the US Ambassador’s residence, Wireless Road, Bangkok. Thanks Harriet Foster for the invitation. I had such a great time meeting many important/incredible people including Kristie Kenney–the United States Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand.

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VJ at Muse & Nunglen’s Spring break party 2010

Hired by i-Magic, INT2 is one of the VJ teams for Nunglen & Muse’s Spring break party 2010. We are responsible for Teddy Ska Band, ETC, Moderndog. This time we don’t have our main VJ (Shy Limanon) so we ask our ex-trainee (n’milk) and to join the crew. It is such a great experience on the beach.

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TorchPaint at 75th FLR Party

Some images from the event!



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Cheeze Interactive Wall





Cheeze interactive wall is another interactive projection screen (shadow detection) at the entrance hall of Cheeze 5th Anniversary (Street No Gravity). Cheeze Interactive Wall features various portrait images that have published in Cheeze fashion magazine throughout five years. The images will react when the participants making a move in front of the projected screen.

(click below link for more images)

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Jump v.2.2 at Arte’ weekend*3




Jump v.2.2 is an interactive installation at Arte’ Weekend Fair #3 (theme: Toy story). Jump v.2 is a physical game (see Jump v.2.1) that uses trampoline as a physical interface to interact with a visual on a projection/LCD screen. In this version, the responsive visual is inspired by Super Mario game (jump to hit a floating block to get an item), however, the participants will see various kind of toys that are presented in the event.

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Retweet Bombing Project by @Twhispering


Retweet Bombing Project by @Twhispering
At Ploysaeng 4 martketĀ  (TCDC), People sell their products but we (@Twhispering team) launch our new art project. Retweet Bombing is a part of @Twhispering project (installed in the ploysaeng4 event). Retweet Bombing is super low tech interaction project that follows the sticker bombing fashion (street art). However, we capture inspirational tweets from selected twitter’s users that @Twhispering follows rather than the traditional identity representation (signature, logo).

At the Ploysaeng market, people can take as many sticker as they want. There is no seller in this booth except our poor little bear. His name is ‘RT bear’. If you like him, you can send some love (SMS) to +66813635585.

If anyone sees the project anywhere in the city please send us a picture. For more information please visit
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